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PVC Pipe Projects

Do not throw that extra PVC Pipe away The many crafts that you can do with PVC Pipes. (Photo Credits) There is more to PVC pipes than its usual intended use which is basically for plumbing. MarthaStewart.Com for instance shared in one of its posts, how to make a very chic Christmas tree out [...]

All about the Urinal

The Controversial Male Urinal What would happen to society without them? (Photo Credits) British researchers have found a way to convert urine into energy using a male urinal. Science Alert says the energy found in pee is enough to charge a mobile phone. “Researchers in the UK have created a urinal that converts pee [...]

What you need to know about HVAC Systems

All about HVAC What you may need to know about HVAC. (Photo Credits) Every homeowner must have at least a basic knowledge on HVAC, how it works, and what to look and watch out for. Huffington Post shared a very informative article for those looking to buy a new home, and would need a [...]

Deep Well Rescue

What could be in that Deep Well? Deep Wells and what could be in it. (Photo Credits) Deep wells are very helpful, yet mysterious at times. Anything could drop in it, or fall on unto it and it could be difficult to get back up. Plumbing Info Just like this puppy rescued by firefighters. [...]

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