Do not throw that extra PVC Pipe away

Puppet Theater

The many crafts that you can do with PVC Pipes. (Photo Credits)

There is more to PVC pipes than its usual intended use which is basically for plumbing.

MarthaStewart.Com for instance shared in one of its posts, how to make a very chic Christmas tree out of extra PVC pipes. OSHA Plumbers      

“Every little thing you love — from teensy toys to mismatched collections of vintage holiday items — has a home on this tree. Start by choosing a palette (we picked bright, happy colors), then fill pipes accordingly: We spray-painted plastic toy animals, spelled out joy and merry with letter magnets, and interspersed tiny wrapped presents, Advent calendar-style. Play around with the placement until you like the overall look (avoid grouping similar objects).”

Check out the step-by-step directions here.

Creativity and Recycling go hand-in-hand

Cute DIY Projects meantime shared a craft using PVC. Again, USING PVC, but PVC will be nowhere I the finished product. Plumbing Info

“Large packs of wool turned into thick yarn can help you craft a giant, fluffy blanket. Some wool batting laid out in rows to give a uniform thickness is all that you need for the yard. The rolled up yarn when washed, lightly felt, followed by being air dried outside can be the building ground of an ultra-warm cover. This huge blanket is made by knitting with extra-large knitting needles, which are actually large PVC pipes yielding big, lovely stitches to create the illusion of making everything under the blanket look too tiny.”

Check out the step-by-step instructional video here.

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If you still need more inspiration then you may just want to check out this post by Living Green Frugally.Com where they listed down about 40 PVC Craft Projects.

“PVC pipe is inexpensive and easy to use and reuse. It is a standard round tube that makes it useful for many projects, such as a holder for different objects. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your own crafts… People use PVC pipe to create all sorts of awesome things because it’s cheap, sturdy, and versatile. This weekend, grab some at your local hardware store and tackle one of these fun projects.”

Check out the projects here.

What are you planning to create?

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