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Installing a residential water filter system. (Photo Credits)

Families that need a cleaner and better tasting water from the public supply resort to installing water filtration system. While some homeowners just use a water filter for their drinking water, some families would rather have whole home filtration system to ensure that their whole water supply would be clean, good smelling and potable.

DIY Network.com came up with a comprehensive tutorial guide on how to install a whole house water filtration system from the water main. The guide came with photos and easy to follow directions. After turning off the water supply and draining the whole water supply at home DIY Network says the homeowner should choose where to install the filter. Plumbing Association of San Diego

“Once you’ve selected the location for your filter, use the template provided with the kit to mark the pipe for exact placement. Remember that you’ll need to change the cartridge periodically, and select a location with enough clearance beneath the filter tank to allow easy removal and reattachment. Use a pipe cutter to make two cuts, and remove the marked section of pipe. Use the twist handle to tighten the cutter onto the pipe so the blade lines up with your mark, then rotate the cutter around the pipe as you continue twisting the handle.”

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Water Filter Installation

McLendon’s meantime came up with a printable guide on a Do-It-Yourself installation of a water filter. A/C And HVAC    

“Whether your water comes from a well or from a municipal water supply, you want it to be clear, you want it to be clean, and you want it to taste good. But that’s not always the case. So what can you do besides stocking up on bottled water or spending a fortune on a state-of-the-art water purification system? You can install a whole-house water filter that will provide clean, clear water for all of your household needs.”

Plumber’s tips on Installing an outdoor faucet

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Scratchmommy.com for its part shared how they were able to successfully install a whole home water filtration system. “The pre-filter needs to be mounted. For us, this was a challenge because we do not have finished walls in our basement utility room. The simple solution was to hang a board mounted with “L” brackets to the sill plate sitting on top of the block foundation. It simply hung down to approximately where we cut the supply line and hooked it up.”

Plumber’s Advice on Installing Bidets

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Installing a home water filtration system could provide homeowners the peace of mind that their water supply is both clean and safe for use.

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