Funny and Weird Bathroom Stall Graffiti

Jools, I still love you

What you read, leave it here. (Photo Credits) 

Toilet Graffiti can be entertaining, annoying, or sometimes, borderline obnoxious.

The website shared photos of 15 funny graffiti. Plumbing Association of San Diego      

“Don’t look here, the joke’s in your hand!”

Check out the photos here.

Like, taking it “seriously”

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The management of the bar whose toilet has been vandalized meanwhile hung a museum-like art description frame next to a graffiti in their public restroom’s wall. A/C And HVAC

“One day, owners of Richie’s Burger Urge found an amateur tag scrawled in black sharpie on one of their bathroom walls. Not an unusual incident, but still an annoying one. However, instead of getting angry and covering the scarlet red wall in new paint, the bar’s management decided to be a little more creative and, mind you, sarcastic.”

Take a look at it here.

College Humor meantime shared more than a dozen graffiti which they described as “insightful”

“Don’t just poop, expand your mind while you poop.”

See the photos here.

Have you ever written anything on a public restroom’s walls?

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