What 2017 will bring


HVAC Industry outlook for the year. (Photo Credits)

The HVAC Industry players are being optimistic about the coming year.

Yahoo Finance quotes a report indicating growth numbers. Plumbing Association of San Diego            

“US Residential momentum for HVAC market continues, replacement rates accelerating – Replacement rates have steadily raised over the past few years following historically low levels coming out of the recession, and are now accelerating towards the high end of historical ranges as potential replacement demand is released into the system. This will be further boosted by a positive fundamental setup with high consumer confidence and low unemployment and gas prices, which have historically correlated strongly with replacement rates. It is estimated that the US HVAC market would achieve an 11% growth in 2016 and 5% in 2017.”

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More reasons to be optimistic

Contracting Business.com also shared more reasons to anticipate better income flow in 2017 following the results of the recent presidential polls. A/C And HVAC      

“HVAC contractors have a lot to be optimistic about for 2017. This small business-friendly environment should easily extend to 2020 and beyond. This means we can finally take a long-term focus and invest in our businesses without feeling like Charlie Brown, where the football might be yanked away at any time. Upstream players in our industry including manufacturers and distributors should also benefit from these and other expected changes by the new administration. Will there be some negatives? Of course. But the positives of an approach that lowers taxes and reduces government interference far outweigh some potential setbacks that are inevitable whenever major change takes place.”

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LinkedIn also shared its two cents’ on the HVAC Industry outlook for 2017.

Having a Clean HVAC System

“Some wins for small business and cities, the potential for more work for HVAC&R professionals, but more could be done for climate change and to improve our resilience. That’s the verdict of AIRAH  on the 2016–17 Federal Budget released by Treasurer Scott Morrison on behalf of the Turnbull government this week. AIRAH President Nathan Groenhout, M.AIRAH, says the government’s investment in cities is to be commended, as is its backing of clean energy.”

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Great forecast then for the whole industry next year.

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