Modern Showerheads

Light-Up Showerhead

It will light up bath time. (Photo Credits)

Showerheads are becoming more and more modern.

The website Tree Hugger featured one that is so efficient, it turns off by itself when there is no one underneath it. A/C And HVAC    

“OaSense essentially takes what virtually every modern public restroom faucet does, which is to use a sensor to identify when a person is actively using it, and applies it to the shower. The shower-er sets the temperature and pressure of their shower as usual, but then, instead of having to shut off the water manually when it’s not actively being used, such as while soaping or shampooing, they simply step out from under the showerhead and OaSense pauses the flow automatically. When ready to rinse, the user just steps back under the showerhead, and OaSense turns the flow back on again immediately, at the same pressure and temperature as before, allowing for an easy reduction in water consumption in the shower.”

Check out the showerhead here.

Eco-Friendlier Choices

Science Alert meantime shared yet another type of eco-friendly showerhead – this time one that flashes when the user is using up too much water. Plumbing Association of San Diego

Call the Plumber for Water Pressure Issues   

“Demonstrated at the recent CES conference in Las Vegas, the LED lights in the Hydrao Smart Shower change colour depending on the volume of water used. It’ll glow green at the 10-litre mark, purple up to 50 litres, and then beyond 50 litres, it’ll start flashing red, which looks annoying enough to make you want to finish up.”

Take a look at it here.

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Health-conscious individuals meantime shared a tip on cleaning showers. Regardless of how modern a showerhead is, The Healthy Home Economist says it can be a breeding ground of a certain type of bacteria that can cause illness.

Bathroom Hacks your Plumber can Teach You

“Did you know one of the dirtiest, most disgusting things in your entire home is the innocent looking shower head in your bathroom even if you use a water filter? This is because shower filters are designed to remove chemicals like chlorine, not necessarily harmful microbes. In fact, the typical shower head is probably far more contaminated with pathogenic bacteria than the toilet or sink in the same bathroom! And to think many of us stand under it most days with water cascading over our heads and even straight into our open mouths if we prefer brushing our teeth while showering.”

Read the whole post here.

Showers indeed have to be disinfected at least every six months.

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