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Installing a window type air conditioning unit is not that complicated. (Photo Credits)

Installing an air conditioning unit can be a complex idea for homeowners who are not too handy about working around their own respective homes. But expert advice tells us that it is not that complicated really.

Popular Mechanics for instance came up with advice on how to properly install this appliance. This while applauding the many benefits of installing this type of air-conditioning for smaller rooms. Plumbing Association of San Diego                

“Before you take the unit out of the box, make sure you have a friend handy to help with the installation. Air-conditioner units are clumsy objects, and you don’t want your brand-new appliance falling out during installation and landing on the ground below. If you have double-hung widows, installation should be simple. It may be necessary to assemble the unit’s window extensions; some models have these already installed. Other models utilize special brackets for window attachment.”

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Preparation is Key

In its official website, Lowe’s also published a no-fuss guide in installing a window air-conditioning unit. A/C And HVAC 

“Enlist a helper to place the air conditioner. With the bottom window sash up as far as it will go, center and insert the air conditioner in the window. Keep it balanced as you slide the flange on the bottom of the case against the outside edge of the windowsill. Then lower the bottom window sash until it rests on the air conditioner and securely against the top flange.”

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Home Tips also came up with an easy-to-follow instructional guide in installing window type aircon in any part of the house.

“Prepare the extensions. Most AC units have accordion or sliding extensions that slide to completely fill the opening. Some units have these already attached; with other models, you’ll need to slide them into channels on the side of the air conditioner. It’s best to prepare these before putting the AC unit in the window opening.”

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When unsure as to how to go about the installation of a window type unit, enlisting the help of an HVAC Contractor is the best step to take.

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