Toilet problems are not uncommon, especially in residential properties. It is after all one of the most used plumbing fixtures at home, and sadly, one of the most abused as well.

A significant chunk of plumbing service calls is related to toilet issues. Expert plumbers say homeowners should stay conscious about using the toilet properly to avoid issues. Below are some of the most common toilet problems, how homeowners can deal with them once they happen, and how to prevent them from recurring moving forward. Diamond Ace Plumber San Diego

One of the most common issues when it comes to toilets is a clog.

Clogged toilet

A clogged toilet is so common that most homes experience this issue. The clog could either be a clog, or a severe one that could cause total blockage and backup. Before calling in the pros, homeowners could try some home fixes for clogs. The first one is pouring a cup of dishwashing liquid on the bowl, wait for it to sit for about 30 minutes, and then try to flush once again.

If the clog persists then the homeowner can try using a plunger to create a vacuum within the toilet drain and dislodge the blockage. If this still does not work, then the homeowner can try pouring hot water and vinegar and baking soda solution to test if the clog could ease up. If it still does not work then calling a plumbing professional is the best recourse. Services

Moving forward, it is crucial to use the toilet with care. Homeowners should educate everyone in the household to refrain from flushing anything apart from human waste. Reminders that the toilet is not a receptacle for used hygiene items like paper products, cotton pads, cotton balls, tampons, diapers, and even baby wipes are important. Moreover, parents with very young children should consider installing a child-proof toilet lid that could prevent children from flushing toys and other objects in the toilet.

Leaky toilet

Leaking toilets is yet another common problem in households. This usually causes a spike in utility bills since the toilet tank is getting filled non-stop only to get drained right away. Usually, a leaky toilet is due to a worn-out flapper, a failing valve, or an overflow pipe that got out of place. A plumber can easily address this issue. Contact Us

Rocking toilet

Sometimes, toilets could rock and homeowners should take this seriously. Usually, it is due to loose bolts that need just a bit of tightening. If this is not the issue then it is best to call a local plumber to fix the matter.