If the drains are clogged at the same time, there may be a sewer line clog.

A clogged sewer line could be a huge plumbing issue on any home in Escondido. Property owners must be aware of the signs of a clogged sewer line so that they could immediately address it. The best way to solve a suspected sewer clog is by calling on a licensed Escondido plumber to check out the home plumbing system and repair any concerns as soon as possible.

It is best to address a clogged sewer line right away. Why? Because it can send unsanitary sewer water going up again in the drains at home. Sewer backups are indeed very inconvenient, expensive to repair, and very unhygienic.

So how can an Escondido Residential Property owner know if his sewer line is clogged? Here are some of the symptoms of a clogged sewer line:

1. Slow drains. When the drains are consistently slow, no matter how it is being cleaned and cautiously used, then there could be trouble within the sewer lines. Call up a plumber to discuss your suspicion so that he can check and address the issue right away.

2. Clogs all over the home. When a clog is just isolated either in the kitchen or the bathroom sink, then that could be choked up to a random clogging incident. However, when the clogs simultaneously occur on several home drains such as the ones in the bathroom, the toilet, the kitchen, and even outdoors, then there surely is an issue with the sewer line. Let a residential plumber know about the matter ASAP.

3. The toilet bowl water bubbles up when the faucet in the same bathroom is being used. This is one of the main clues of a sewer line problem since it means that air is getting trapped in the home plumbing system. Call up an Escondido plumber right away.

4. Backed up drain. This is one of the worst signs that could confirm a sewer line clog in an Escondido residential property. For instance, the toilet is flushed; water suddenly comes out of the bathroom’s floor or tub drain. This should be addressed at the soonest possible time.

It is crucial to hire a reliable Escondido plumber who has expertise in unclogging sewer lines.