San Diego has been dubbed as the Craft Beer Capital of the United States. Teeming with dozens upon dozens of breweries – some of which are considered institutions, others new players – San Diego undoubtedly has become a haven for any craft beer enthusiast.

The San Diego Tourism Authority takes pride in its distinction, as it continues to promote craft brewery tours within the whole San Diego, California. “San Diego’s meteoric rise as a craft beer capital has added an exciting element to the community, with more than 100 breweries, plus brew pubs and tasting rooms scattered across the county. Local pioneers like Karl Strauss Brewing, Stone Brewing Co., Green Flash, Pizza Port and Ballast Point lead the charge, anchoring a beer scene with everything from backyard and nano-breweries to world-renowned mega craft brewing companies regularly serving up gold medal brews. Navigating San Diego’s dynamic craft beer breweries and tasting haunts is an ideal way to explore the city’s diverse neighborhoods and get a taste of local craft beer culture.” Read their whole guide here.

To personally experience the craft beers San Diego has to offer, here are some craft beer places to check out in San Diego, CA:

  1. Stella’s Public House – Located along Island Avenue, this establishment is a must try for craft beer enthusiasts. It has a taproom with almost two dozen craft beers. Apart from that the cocktails sold in this establishment are mostly beer-based. Complementing the great selection of craft beers in this place is their “farm-to-table” style pizza which is the second reason why patrons of this full service restaurant keeps on coming back.
  2. Barrel Republic – This bar is a haven for craft beer tasting if that is what you are aiming for. Instead of charging by the glass, this bar charges you by the ounce, making it possible for you to sample all the craft beers you want to try, and come back for those you have liked without being too full to do so. They track your orders using a bracelet that they let you wear the whole time you are in the bar. Check out this bar in Pacific Beach.
  3. Panama 66 – Apart from being one of the most famous beer bars in San Diego, California, Panama 66 is known for being a craft beer bar that is kid and family friendly. Parents can definitely enjoy their bottle or two while the kids let out some energy running around the gardens of Balboa Park.

Enjoy the beer bars of San Diego, and have a taste of what the county has to offer.

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