Avoiding plumbing emergencies during winter

Avoiding plumbing emergencies during winter

Winter is one of the busiest seasons for plumbing contractors. Emergency repairs are so commonplace given the occurrence of most plumbing issues during such months. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent these plumbing emergencies. Regular professional and routine homeowner maintenance are keys to avoiding such plumbing problems.

This article will tackle the various plumbing emergencies that usually occur during winter, as well as the best ways to avoid these disastrous plumbing problems. Escondido Office

Dealing with frozen pipes

Pipes can freeze anytime they are exposed to below zero temperatures. The best solution to this is to insulate all exposed pipes and call Diamond Ace Plumber San Diego. Materials for insulation are available at home improvement stores. If unsure as to how to go about it, the homeowner can seek the help of a licensed residential plumber.

Homeowners can also avoid frozen pipes by allowing water to trickle from faucets during nights when the mercury drops below zero. Moreover, when living the house over the holidays, it is important to not turn off the furnace of the heater completely so that the pipes would not freeze during sub zero temperatures.

Water heater malfunction

An unbearable plumbing emergency during winter is a busted water heater. Imagine showering with unheated water? It is very uncomfortable. The best way to avoid water heater malfunction is to keep it well maintained. Prior to the onset of winter, it is best to seek a maintenance inspection of a residential plumber, who can check the whole water heater system for possible issues and remediate it accordingly. Lakeside Diamond Ace

Frozen sewer lines

Sewer lines and the septic tank can also freeze during the winter. This is a disastrous and unsanitary plumbing emergency given that a frozen septic tank could expand and burst. The best way to avoid such an occurrence is to get the septic tank pumped by a residential plumber.

Drain and toilet clogs

Drain and toilet clogs happen all year long, but apparently, they usually back up during winter. To avoid such plumbing issue, homeowners should learn how to use their drains wisely. Sink and toilet drains must never be misused and abused. Every household member should refrain from using sink and toilets as receptacles for food waste, and in the case of the toilet, non-human waste.