Avoiding plumbing emergencies during the holidays

Avoiding plumbing emergencies during the holidays

Plumbing problems can happen at any given time, but sometimes, it happens when it is least expected. Holiday gatherings, for instance, are the best example. It is however not uncommon to encounter a clogged toilet, slow sink drain, or jammed garbage disposal just as everyone starts to party.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid these inconvenient (and sometimes embarrassing) plumbing catastrophes as visitors get cozy and enjoy each other’s company while wining and dining. This article will discuss these preventive measures so that everyone can enjoy the holidays without having to worry about any plumbing emergency. Diamond Ace Plumber San Diego

Pro-active plumbing care in time for the holidays

Homeowners should strive to keep their plumbing systems well-maintained throughout the year. Annual plumbing care is essential and will help homeowners determine whether there are existing plumbing issues within their system. If the holidays are fast approaching and yet the homeowner does not remember the last time he had a licensed plumber over to check on the plumbing system then it is high time to seek a plumbing maintenance inspection.

A licensed plumber can easily detect any plumbing problem that is currently occurring within the property. Likewise, he can predict possible issues that could occur within the next few weeks. Homeowners should then have the plumber repair what needs to be repaired and replace or upgrade what needs replacement in time for the holiday season. Possible issues that need to be addressed before the holiday festivities include failing water heater, slow and clogged drains and toilets, and plumbing leaks. Diamond Ace Plumbing

Other tips for fuss-free plumbing during the holidays

When expecting a lot of guests, make sure to designate a bathroom for visitors. Put up appropriate yet polite signs about asking toilet users to refrain from flushing anything in the toilet aside from toilet paper.

Install drain traps in sinks, especially in the kitchen to prevent guests volunteering to do dishwashing duties from accidentally dumping food bits and particles down the drain. Chula Vista Location

Child-proof plumbing fixtures when expecting young visitors. It is not uncommon for some children to flush down toys or other objects in the toilet, causing it to clog.