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Asthma and the HVAC System

Can an HVAC System Trigger Asthma Symptoms? Asthmatic individuals suffer a lot due to indoor air quality. (Photo Credits) HVAC systems is a huge influence in indoor air quality, and for those with Asthma it could mean asthma triggers. The website Allergy Clean shared the findings of a study linking indoor air, the HVAC [...]

Decoding Sounds from the HVAC

What to do with a Noisy HVAC What does the noise in an HVAC Mean? (Photo Credits) One of the HVAC’s main function in a home is to make everyone feel comfortable. But how can one be comfortable when the HVAC is making some noises. Whether the noise is loud or just humming, it [...]

HVAC and Safe Space Heater Use

Using Portable Heaters Safe usage of portable heater is important to prevent accidents and fires. (Photo Credits) For some people, space heaters can be a more efficient way of heating the home. It however comes with some safety risks that could endanger the whole household. The Electrical Safety Foundation has provided important information on [...]

Plumber’s tips on Installing an outdoor faucet

Exterior faucets Having a faucet outdoors is a must especially for those who clean their own cars, and have lawns or yards that need to be watered. (Photo Credits) An exterior faucet is a must in most households. The problem though is not all homes have been installed with one, or some may need [...]

What to do with unpleasant HVAC Odor

Dealing with foul stench from the HVAC When the HVAC unit stinks. (Photo Credits) It can be really annoying when a foul odor lingers around the house because of its HVAC System. It can be downright embarrassing too especially when there are visitors who may have to bear the stink around the home. Plumbing [...]

Plumber’s response to a slow drain

What a slow drain means There are many reasons why a drain gets slow. (Photo Credits) Slow drains can be very frustrating, especially in the kitchen where things are bustling. There are many reasons why a drain becomes slow. It could be a clog or a build up, but whatever the reason is, most [...]

The Consequences of hiring an Unlicensed HVAC Technician

Little Knowledge is Dangerous The savings is not worth all the risk. (Photo Credits) When something goes wrong with a home’s HVAC system, the initial reaction of any property owner would be to call on a technician. However, if the budget is tight, hiring an unlicensed one can become an appealing option. But North [...]

Plumbing Details to inspect before buying an older home

Check plumbing details before closing the deal Expensive plumbing repairs can be avoided when a home is thoroughly inspected prior to buying. (Photo Credits) Some older homes can have a perfectly working systems and but some do not. To ensure that ine is not buying the latter, it is important to inspect its plumbing [...]

Common HVAC Problems in Older Homes

Plumbing Issues Should Be Taken Seriously What one should know about the plumbing systems of an older home. (Photo Credits)  Buying an older home can be exciting especially if there is history that comes with it. The vintage appeal that it has can even be a grand detail that the owners and their visitors [...]

The Drawbacks of hiring an Unlicensed Plumber

Risks of dealing with unlicensed contractors There’s a reason why they need to get licensed. (Photo Credits) Some property owners have their own reasons for hiring unlicensed plumbers. They could be cheaper, they could be better at convincing that they could do an equally great job minus the high professional fees, but really, there [...]

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