Check plumbing details before closing the deal

Expensive plumbing repairs can be avoided when a home is thoroughly inspected prior to buying. (Photo Credits)

Some older homes can have a perfectly working systems and but some do not. To ensure that ine is not buying the latter, it is important to inspect its plumbing details.

For the untrained, this may mean hiring the services of a professional licensed plumber so that he can determine whether there are existing issues, potential ones, and if the whole home adheres to the plumbing regulations of the state. Plumbing Association of San Diego 

Older Home Plumbing Repair gave its readers the lowdown in buying an older home, and what potential concerns an owner may soon encounter.

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“The current aesthetic that most homeowners want in their home is a large open floor plan with big closets, bathrooms and bedrooms. Unfortunately, this was not the desire centuries ago when older homes were being designed and built. Most older homes have one small bathroom (two if you’re lucky), a couple small bedrooms, and let’s not even discuss the lack of closet space and storage. You may fall in love with the beauty of an older home, only to discover that your family of 5 and two dogs will quickly overfill the space.” Read the continuation of this quote here.


Inspect for leaks, faucets, piping among other details

CNN for its part says the inspections should be done regardless if one is about to buy a brand new home, or an antique house. “Don’t skip an inspection just because the house is new. New-home buyers are more likely to forgo an inspection than purchasers of existing houses, even though they may have more to gain. Because most new homes come with a one-year warranty, an inspection can unearth construction flaws covered under this agreement that might otherwise go unnoticed for a few years.” Read the continuation here.

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The Balance also emphasized the importance of inspecting the plumbing systems of an older home before finally agreeing to buy the antiquated property. “Very few first-time home buyers ask for a sewer inspection before buying a home. Sewer inspections are not something most buyers think about. They know to get a home inspection, but sewer lines are almost an after-thought if it crosses a buyer’s mind at all. Yet it’s one of the most important inspections a buyer of older homes should conduct. The time to find out if a sewer is faulty or needs replacement is before buying a home, not after the fact. I recommend to all my buyers that they obtain a sewer inspection if the home is older than 20 years. Although the sewer line may be fairly new as compared to homes built before 1950, for example, tree roots can still clog up a 20-year-old sewer line.” Read the rest of the article here.

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Inspecting an older home’s plumbing systems should be done prior to finally deciding to buy the home. This is to avoid unnecessary expenses and hassles that one may encounter once plumbing issues start to surface.

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