Unclogging the toilet


The big hassle that is a clogged toilet. (Photo Credits)

Having a clogged toilet is a big hassle, moreso, when a household is bustling with many family members using the same comfort room.

So what can a homeowner do once the toilet fails to function properly?

WikiHow detailed seven ways to help deal with this type of situation. Plumbing Association of San Diego         

“Insert the plunger into the bowl. Make sure the plunger completely covers the hole. The plunger should be submerged in water to be effective. It is important to be pushing and pulling with water, not air. Add water from the sink to the bowl if necessary. Pump the plunger over the hole. Start slowly at first, since the first plunge will push air into the bowl. Push down, then pull up sharply to disturb the clog and loosen it. Continue vigorously pushing and pulling until the water begins to drain. It may take 15 to 20 times before the toilet unclogs.[2] Be patient, as long as you’re sure there’s no hard object, plunging alone often suffices.”

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If the plunger does not work

The Family Handyman also shared some techniques to try when unclogging a toilet. A/C And HVAC    

“If the plunger won’t open the drain, or if you can force out the water with the plunger but the toilet still won’t flush well, reach for the snake (Photo 3). A drain snake is a long wire coil with a corkscrew-like tip that you feed into your pipes until it encounters the clog. Then you turn the snake clockwise, so that the tip screws into or through the clog and breaks it up. Or the debris winds onto the wire so you can pull it out.”

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Read the full instructional guide here.

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One Good thing by Jillee meantime let out a plumber’s trick in dealing with a clogged toilet.

“Add a few cups of hot water to the toilet bowl before you attempt plunging, and you may not have to plunge at all. The heat helps to melt the fats in the “clog” & makes it more likely to flush. Let the hot water sit for a few minutes, and then use a plunger to vigorously push and pull water through the hole in the toilet bowl.”

Read the whole article here.

If all else fails, the best thing to do is to call up a reliable plumber to take care of the situation. In fact if the clog happens all too often then it will be in the property owner’s best interest to have it checked ASAP. This is because persistently clogged toilets can signify a bigger plumbing problem such as a clogged sewer.

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