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Homeowners should also prepare for possible plumbing concerns during the summer months. (Photo Credits)

It is common for some households to prepare for possible plumbing problems during the winter time. Frozen pipes, that may eventually burst is one of the major concerns of most property owners hence precautionary measures are being taken to avoid such an incident.

Summer though presents another probable concern for home and commercial plumbing. Plumbing Association of San Diego

The website NuHome says water pressure can be an issue during the summer months.

“It’s not only cold weather that can affect your pipes and cause them to expand. Hot summer weather can make your pipes burst just like winter can! One sign that your pipes might be on the edge is a change in water pressure. Sometimes low water pressure is just an annoyance—like when there’s not enough flow to wash the sand off of you after a day at the beach—but it could also point to a larger problem. Pressure changes can be caused by leaks, corrosion build-up, and water supply malfunctions. If you’re experiencing lower-than-usual water pressure, it may be time to call a professional.”

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Plumbing and the Vacation Season

Modern Chic Mag meantime pointed out that clogged toilets may also be a huge concern. A/C And HVAC And it really is when the kids are home all day because of school break, and guests from out of town arrive for a visit.

More people equals more persons using the toilet, and more chances of clogs and other problems. “Running toilets or weak flushes can be considered serious plumbing problems–even though some homeowners do not always take them seriously. Clogged toilets or toilet overflows may occur if you ignore these toilet issues. Some of these complications can damage your toilet, rut your pipes and even create burst pipes. And again, it can also lead to a very unhygenic environment for you and your family.”

Plumber and Old House Plumbing

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Related Plumbing and HVAC Repair and Installation Services

The website Hutchinson also enumerated other plumbing problems commonly encountered during the summer months. One item on their list is clogged Garbage Disposal. “some of the best things about the summer are the cookouts and all of the barbecued food you get to eat. However, all of that leftover food (no matter how organic it is) can cause damage to your garbage disposal. Corn husks, onion skins, lettuce, and banana peels are just a handful of foods you might feel compelled to dump down your drain this summer and will cause your disposal’s blades to become damaged. Other substances that will cause issues are cooking oils. So, soon after you’re done frying those fries to eat along with your cheeseburger, DO NOT pour the leftover oil down the drain—put it in the trash along with those corn husks, onion skins, lettuce, and banana peels!”

The Advantages of Hiring a Plumbing Contractor

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Summer presents a possible myriad of plumbing problems, and the best way to avoid them is to undertake routine plumbing maintenance check.

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