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HVAC odors are not uncommon and are entirely preventable. (Photo Credits) 

Persistent foul odor in a room or a home can sometimes be traced to HVAC Units. Whether the air conditioning system is via a window type, split type, or ducted unit, foul odors can definitely permeate.

The website Compact Appliance details the many possible reasons for HVAC Foul-Smelling Air. In its website, it enumerated the many types of HVAC Odor, what it means, and what a homeowner can do about it. Plumbing Association of San Diego    

“Rotten Egg Smell: Provided there aren’t any rotten eggs in your home, then the smell of rotten eggs or sulfur most likely indicates a natural gas leak. Although on its own, natural gas is odorless, most utility providers add the aroma to alert people of a leak. Don’t take this lightly. Open the windows to your home, get out of the house immediately, then call the gas company.”

HVAC and Solar Power

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Mold Problem

SF Gate also detailed some reasons, and one of which is Molds in the HVAC Unit. A/C And HVAC      

“One of the most common causes of high-efficiency HVAC odor is moisture that has spawned mold. Commonly known as a “dirty sock” smell, the odor comes from the mold that has made a home on your unit’s evaporator coils, on the surface of the liner, in the drip pans and on drain lines, according to the Florida Department of Health. The odor is one indicator of the mold; it’s an earthy, stale, musty smell, that actually does resemble a dirty sock odor. You can smell it coming from the ventilation system, but the culprit is a slimy, dark sludge that feeds on the moisture in the high efficiency unit.”

HVAC Home Heating the Renewable Way

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Estes Services meantime says the odor can also be because of decomposing pests.

“Rodents, birds, and other pests often find their way into a home’s crevices during cold winter months to try and stay warm. If one were to get trapped in your air ducts and die, that decomposing smell will spread through your home very quickly. Calling an HVAC specialist to inspect your ducts and remove the source of the odor, potentially followed by HVAC duct cleaning, will address this issue.”

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Regular HVAC Cleaning and Maintenance helps in preventing HVAC Odors.

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