Renewable Sources of Home Heating

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Home heating through Sustainable Means. (Photo Credits)

Home heating is very important especially during the winter season. And this is the reason why during the cold months, home heating costs escalate. To tame down home heating bills, more and more companies and families turn into renewable sources of home heating energy.

Die Hard Survivor published an instructional guide on making a furnace that makes use of solar energy. Plumbing Association of San Diego

“Many people are hesitant to embrace the beauty of solar because of how expensive it is to install in the home. A solar furnace, which is much cheaper than installing solar panels and harnessing solar energy that way, still retails for up to $200. And that doesn’t factor in the expense of setting it up. If you’re looking to save some cash, you can actually install a solar furnace in your home for under $50!”

HVAC Contractor’s Advice when buying an older home

Watch the instructional guide here.

Old School Way

Apart from harnessing solar energy, the good old firewood can also help produce heat without having to tap on electrical resources.

Off-The-Grid News came up with a list of best wood to use for heating a home. A/C and HVAC   

“Don’t attack a three-foot thick oak tree with a chainsaw containing a 12-inch bar. Forestry experts recommend chainsaw bars that are two inches longer than the diameter of the tree, which reduces safety issues with chainsaws kicking back into an operator’s head or face. Certain tree types favor hot-burning firewood. When a choice exists, look for hardwood, selecting trees with higher density. Dense, or heavy wood once dried, contains higher heat per volume when burned. That means your firewood will burn hotter and longer.”

HVAC and Solar Power

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 Solar Thermal Magazine meantime came up with an article that focuses on converting waste into energy to be used in generating heat.

“The Climeon Ocean technology converts ”cold” heat to electricity with over 10% efficiency at a 90C heat source and a 20C cold source. The solution can deliver up to 14% efficiency at 120C. The system is compact in size starting from 2 x 2 x 2 m and includes all needed components to produce electricity.  The marine system is adapted to endure the harsh environment that may occur in an engine room and is approved by Lloyds Register. ‘The Climeon heat power system is an environmental breakthrough, and working with Virgin is of major importance to us. We are excited that Sir Richard Branson and Virgin, with their focus on sustainability, have decided to become a pioneer of this technology.’”

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Heat can indeed be generated from sources other than electricity.

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