Little Knowledge is Dangerous


The savings is not worth all the risk. (Photo Credits)

When something goes wrong with a home’s HVAC system, the initial reaction of any property owner would be to call on a technician. However, if the budget is tight, hiring an unlicensed one can become an appealing option.

But North Carolina Licensing for instance warned its constituents against hiring an unlicensed HVAC Contractor. A/C And HVAC 

“Whether you need a contractor for general construction, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, fire sprinkler or electrical work, make sure the contractor has the appropriate license, if required (see Introduction and Licensing). You have few recourses, legal and otherwise, if you hire an unlicensed contractor. Since few unlicensed contractors have adequate insurance, they may expose you to significant financial harm in the event of injury or property damage. Although an unlicensed contractor may give you a low bid, the risks of possible financial and legal consequences you may face probably outweigh any benefits a lower bid may seem to offer.”

HVAC and Portable Heaters

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Risky Transaction

HG.Org came out with a warning for its readers against transacting with fly-by-night HVAC Technicians.

“California law requires that all persons who act as a “contractor” on behalf of a property owner or other person and who performs work or installs fixtures on a property other than for hourly wages must be “duly licensed” as a contractor by the Contractors State License Board. The License Law requires contractors to establish experience and take a test in the particular specialty category for which they seek a license. They are required to also have a License Bond to protect their customers, and comply with numerous other statutes and regulations.”

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All Property Management for its part reminded its readers everything that could go wrong when they hire unlicensed contractors.  Plumbing Association of San Diego   

“Many things can go wrong on a construction job, from injuries to shoddy workmanship to destruction of power, sewer or water lines. Ultimately, all issues are the responsibility of the general contractor. The general contractor and their insurance carriers are the primary payers in the event something goes awry on the job. Now here’s the dirty little secret: If you don’t hire a licensed and insured contractor to handle your project, you’re the general contractor!”

Common HVAC Problems in Older Homes

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Hiring a licensed HVAC contractor can be more expensive compared to dealing with an unlicensed one, but it is definitely worth all the extra cost.

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