Be prepared for plumbing emergencies

Day 19 - Project 366

Keep a plumbing tool box at home for any emergency plumbing issue. (Photo Credits)

Plumbing emergencies can strike anytime and although the best recourse is to call an emergency plumber ASAP, there is still some waiting time before the trusted plumber can come in.

Some plumbers ask homeowners if they can safely turn off the main water valve or perform some immediate task that could help prevent more damage to the home. Plumbing Association of San Diego   

During these times it would be helpful to have some basic plumbing tools and equipment. But what are these tools?

Plumber Hacks homeowners can use when issues arise

Popular Mechanics shared a list of one dozen basic plumbing tools every homeowner needs. A Pipe Wrench is included in their list. A/C And HVAC 

“Pipe Wrench: These large, heavy wrenches are used to tighten and loosen threaded pipes, fittings and nuts. You’ll need two–one for turning and one for gripping and holding. The serrated teeth help the wrench hold its grip but can damage a fixture’s finish–when you need protection, wrap the wrench’s jaws in a cloth. Buy a 10-in. ($10-15) and a 14-in. ($20-$25) model.”

Check out the whole list here.

Plumber’s Essentials

House Logic also shared its own list. First on their list of eight must have plumbing tools in the Plunger.

“No home should be without these suckers/pushers whose rubber cups form a seal around the drain or toilet. Use a cup plunger to push clogs through sinks and tubs; use a flange plunger, with a non-splash ball cup, for toilets. Use a bellows plunger when the other two don’t work.”

Details to inspect before buying an older home

Read the rest of the list here.

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The Spruce also shared its own list of must haves when it comes to plumbing tools.

The hacksaw made it to their list.

“Plumbing does not always come apart easy and a good hacksaw will surely be useful when cutting any type of pipe, stubborn bolts, nuts, or screws. With a hacksaw you can remove the blade, wrap one in with a cloth, and slip it in for hard to reach places. Many versions of hacksaws big and small are available to choose from. Consider more that one type of saw if possible, such as one large and one small, for different repairs.”

Check out the rest of their essential plumbing tools here.

Having basic plumbing tools at home can help avert disasters while waiting for the emergency plumber to arrive.

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