The garbage disposal unit is an incredibly helpful device in the kitchen. It makes for an easier clean-up, making it more convenient to prepare food and wash dishes. there will come a time though that it will need replacement. No matter how homeowners keep it well-maintained, it will either reach its end of the lifespan or could no longer accommodate the demands of a growing household.

Garbage disposal units usually last for more than ten years, but as mentioned, usage and maintenance play out a big role in its longevity. Below are some of the signs that a household already needs to replace its garbage disposal. A licensed residential plumber Diamond Ace Plumbing can easily carry out the task, and could even do it through a same-day service.

Timely replacement or upgrade of garbage disposal units could help lessen the hassle and inconvenience of dealing with an end-of-life garbage disposal system.

Signs of a failing garbage disposal

When garbage disposal gets frequently jammed or clogged, then it is highly likely that it does not have enough capacity to process the kitchen disposal needs of the household. Most likely it was a sizing capacity mismatch. The homeowner should consult a licensed plumber to ask about the current capacity of the existing disposal unit, and if it could not meet the required capacity of the household then the homeowner should upgrade to a new one. Plumber Service North

Dull blades are yet another reason to replace a garbage disposal unit. usually, after a decade of constant use, blades could become dull. When this happens, homeowners should replace the unit and avoid the inconvenience of garbage disposal breakdowns, and plumbing clogs.

The need to press the garbage disposal reset button constantly

If a homeowner needs to reset the garbage disposal constantly, then it is high time that he replace it with a new one, Frequent jamming of disposal is indicative of motor failure, and consequently, a permanent breakdown. Diamond Ace Contractors Plumber El Cajon

Leaks and odors from the garbage disposal unit

When the homeowner fails to get rid of the foul odors emanating from the garbage disposal unit then it is most likely time to say goodbye to that old unit. The foul odor signifies that there is a clog within the mechanism itself, that the motor cannot get rid of. Consequently, a leak is also an indication that the garbage disposal unit is failing.