Advantages of using window-type aircon


What are the benefits of using a window-type air conditioner? (Photo Credits)

For families who may have been used to centralized air conditioning system, using a window-type air conditioners will be a foreign idea. It of course will never be needed in their home except if there are home extensions that may not be reached by the existing HVAC air ducts in the home.

So for families or business owners who are yet to build a home and are considering various types of air conditioning systems, will installing a window-type be worth it? What are the benefits of using a window type air conditioning system? Plumbing Association of San Diego

The website Home Air Guides explained this type of system in one of their posts.

“Window air conditioners, unlike central air systems, are cooling devices that service only a specific area of the home. A window unit is effortlessly installed into an existing window frame using its own weight and the window’s pane to keep it secure. Depending on the BTUs, the age of the unit, and the insulation quality of the home it’s installed in, a good window air conditioner can cool a fairly large room in a rather short amount of time. These types of temperature control machines are far more affordable than the average whole-house cooling system.”

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Benefits of using window-type aircon

The website Compact Appliance also mentioned the many reasons why homeowners should consider window mounted air conditioning units. One of the reasons they mentioned in their website is the unit type’s low cost, as well as its energy efficient characteristics. A/C And HVAC  

“Extremely Energy Efficient — In my opinion, this is the most important benefit you will receive from a window air conditioner. If you want to stay cool without spending a lot of money, then a window AC unit may just be the perfect system for you. The vast majority of window air conditioners have a great energy efficiency ratio (EER), which gives you a better understanding of how much they cool compared to how much energy they require to run. to truly maximize your energy savings, you will want to look for a window unit with a high EER rating.”

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Home improvement website The Spruce meantime shared some tips on installing an using window-type air conditioning systems. In their article they emphasized that the key to efficient cooling for window-mounted units is getting the right size ratio for the room vis-à-vis the unit.

“Always measure the window area before shopping for an air conditioner. Consider the impact of losing a portion of the viewing area, as well as how you’ll fill the rest of the window panel after inserting the air conditioner. Some use wood to block the rest of the pane, but a plastic panel may suffice and look better. When installing a wall unit, the installation may include a certain amount of building supplies and care should be taken to reduce hazards and avoid cutting into electrical or other wires. Window or wall units also need sufficient bracing and you may need an off-season cover.”

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Window-mounted air conditioning units are indeed beneficial especially for homes aiming to be more energy and cost efficient.

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