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What one needs to know to become an HVAC Professional. (Photo Credits)

Being an HVAC Technician requires training, education, as well as continuous learning and practical experiences. It is a trade skills job that that can be rewarding.

Learn.Org explained the job of an HVAC Technician as well as how a person can work in this type of career. Plumbing Association of San Diego 

“An HVAC technician installs, services and fixes heating, ventilation and air conditioning units in residential and commercial buildings. As a technician, you are trained to read blueprints and use an assortment of common and specialized tools, including metal cutters, flow sensors and current meters. When servicing a system, you ensure that all components, including compressors, motors, fans, pumps, thermostats and switches, are working properly and that all controls are at their recommended settings. Your specific duties include connecting wires, welding pipes, testing electrical circuits for continuity and testing pipes and tubing for leaks.”

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So how can a person be an HVAC Technician?

Advance Technology Institute shared information on what to expect when training to become an HVAC Technician, what is included in the training, as well as what can be expected from this career line. A/C And HVAC

“Fortunately, there are excellent programs available where students are able to receive the highest quality education from industry professionals while also gaining valuable hands-on experience in the classroom or shop. Ideally, this should include everything from window unit air conditioners to 12-ton commercial cooling systems so that all of your bases are covered. Seek a program where you can become certified in all relevant areas so that when you go out into the real world to look for work, you’ll stand apart from the competition. With the right program, you could be earning money and loving your job in about a year.”

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The website HVAC Classes meanwhile shared the requirements needed in order to acquire a license as an HVAC Professional.

“Some licenses, however, do transcend geography. Namely, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that any technician working with refrigerants (such as CFCs and HCFCs) must be properly trained in handling and disposing of these hazardous chemicals. HVAC technicians can become certified in small appliances, low-pressure systems, high-pressure systems, or can obtain a universal certification that qualifies them to work with all refrigerant systems. The tests for this type of licensing are offered by a number of third party companies and can be completed online.”

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Being an HVAC Technician may require at least a whole year training and education. It is up to the person on how to become a successful one.

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