Are Drain Snakes useful?


Can drain snakes really help in unclogging drainage blockages? (Photo Credits)

Drain Snakes are one of those plumbing tools that even ordinary homeowners without a plumbing background would dare use. For one it is available in local home improvement stores, and secondly, most of the household versions do not look too complicated to use.

Home website explained the different types of drain snakes, and how they could be useful in a home setting.  Plumbing Association of San Diego     

“Drain snakes come in several different types, ranging from simple handheld models to powerful motorized augers. The reason for the variety is that there are different types of drains: sink drains, toilet drains, house drains, sewer drains… Here is a look at the most commonly used drain snakes for household clogs. While a plumber might have all of them, you’ll likely need on only one or two, unless you want to rent a big auger for cleaning a sewer drain.”

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Read the continuation here.

But are they really useful?

Apartment Therapy shared their experience in using drain snakes in a household setting. They included the procedures they undertook and then put out a photo guide in their web page. A/C And HVAC   

“Snaking the drain is one of those nasty jobs that we put off, and just deal with a clogged or slow draining sink or tub because we don’t want to bother with calling the landlord, or figuring out how to do it ourselves. Like so many things, after we actually do it, we realize it’s just not a big deal and wish we’d done it sooner. It’s also satisfying —and gross.”

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Check out what happened in their experiment here.

Related Plumbing Repair and Installation Services: also has a related article on drain snakes. In fact, they put up a guide on how to use them. In the same write-up, they shared more information on how an auger or a drain snake works.

“In most cases, drain snakes can be very useful and effective. They are a tool that anyone can use and they often get results. These tools can be pressed down into the pipe and can help break up clogs inside them. They have been known to be effective where other methods such as a plunger or chemicals have not. Therefore, these tools can be very useful in this area.”

Check out their step by step guide here.

Drain snakes can indeed be very useful around the home.

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