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What does it take to become a commercial plumber? (Photo Credits)

Commercial plumbing entails a different set of licensure, skills and educational requirement from the residential plumber that works on homes and private properties. Such an information is important especially for business owners who may need the services of a commercial or industrial plumber.

Wisegeek explains that a commercial plumber works on large scale projects, be it for repair or installation, and maintenance purposes. In its official website, it gave a comprehensive explanation on this. Plumbing Association of San Diego 

“A commercial plumber installs and maintains large-scale waste removal and water supply systems for businesses. His installation work can include indoor jobs such as fitting bathroom and kitchen fixtures, drinking fountains, and sprinkler systems, and outdoor jobs such as laying water and sewer lines. Maintenance work commonly performed by a commercial plumber includes addressing drain stoppages and repairing burst pipes or broken water or sewer lines.”

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Plumbing Career

Commercial plumbers also have a stark difference in terms of the career path when pitted against that of a residential plumber. The Pre-Apprenticeship Institute has discussed these points blow by blow in one of their blogposts. One of the major difference that they mentioned in their write-up is the complexity of the plumbing systems handled by a commercial plumber. A/C And HVAC 

“Consider your average family home. When laying out and installing plumbing components, or conducting repairs, the plumber must only consider the needs of a handful of people. On the other hand, with large commercial buildings (such as high-rise office buildings), demands on plumbing systems are far greater. They take more use and abuse than a single family home, require more pipes, outlets, and increased water pressure—and must be maintained for potentially hundreds of users each day. There are also different code and permit requirements for residential and commercial structures, which plumbers must be aware of.”

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The New York Times earlier published an article on how plumbing has become a rewarding career. It also mentioned about how the demand for plumbers has soared over the years.

“Demand for plumbers and fitters is strong. The number employed is expected to grow 21 percent by 2022, versus 11 percent across all occupations, according to Labor Bureau statistics. Mr. Rosenblum also reasons that plumbers have a fair degree of job security: ‘No matter how technologically advanced the world gets, plumbing is going to be kind of a basic necessity,’ he said.”

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Commercial plumbing is indeed a good career to explore.

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