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What are the signs that there are plumbing and HVAC issues in a property for sale? (Photo Credits)

When buying a home it is important to be vigilant about the fixtures and features of the property one is buying to avoid possible accidents and additional expenses. Bringing in a licensed plumber to help in inspecting the plumbing fixtures of a home is definitely a must, since ordinary homeowners do not have a trained eye to spot potential plumbing issues. Plumbing Association of San Diego 

Third-Party Service Ratings Website Angie’s List came up with an article aiming to guide buyers into what to check prior to buying a new home. In their write-up they rounded up the top three most common plumbing problems present in a home for sale, and why buyers should be wary.

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“One problem homeowners often neglect to have fixed is a leak at the base of a toilet. The leak often appears small or insignificant, but over time the water will begin to rot the subfloor and even get between the subfloor and the finished floor. Someone unaware of the damage this kind of problem can create, may try to seal this themselves, sometimes making it worse. Here are some toilet leak signs to look for: First, look for discoloration and/or warping around the base of the toilet. Second, check if the floor moves or feels soft around the base of the toilet by applying body weight with your foot. Finally, the toilet bowl should not have any movement.”

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Addressing the Plumbing and HVAC issues

Once the plumbing issues have been detected, the website Faucet Depot encourages property buyers to settle the issues first before sealing the deal. In one of the articles they posted in their website, they mentioned that the plumbing concerns sought be brought to the table, so that the seller can do something about it. A/C And HVAC 

“While many homes come with a home warranty that will cover the various systems within the home for a specific period of time, you can still be out of pocket if the plumbing system is in disrepair and your home becomes damaged as a result. In most instances, you will find that repairs that need to be made will be made in order to get the home off the market. If you are a bit handy and have the time to do repair work yourself, you can also use the results from your home plumbing inspection to negotiate a lower price on the home to accommodate for the supplies and labor involved in correcting any problem points.”

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The website Home Advisor meanwhile encouraged homeowners to check on HVAC issues as well because not doing so can set them back financially with several thousands of dollars. In their home inspection guide, they mentioned the possible cost of repairing home issues due to non-inspection prior to buying. Included in their list is the HVAC System.

“Heating and air-conditioning, including the water heater, should be checked to make sure not only that it’s functioning but that it is if adequate capacity for the house. A new furnace can cost between $1,700 to over $13,000 installed. There is no advantage to leaving an incorrectly sized unit on your house. If it’s too small, it will be running constantly. If it’s too large, it won’t stay on long enough to properly circulate the air, leaving you uncomfortable. If air conditioner or furnace parts are need, many such repairs can cost from $500 to $700. Parts can be hard to find on older units, and once parts like the heat exchanger start to go bad, it’s usually time to replace the unit.”

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Inspecting plumbing systems is important to ensure that all plumbing fixtures are running smoothly and avoid incurring additional repair costs.

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