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How important is a gate valve? (Photo Credits)

Water valves are essential plumbing fixtures installed to ensure that plumbing problems can be somehow controlled around the house. Plumbing Association of San Diego    

The website HomeTime described the shut off valves as one of the most important plumbing fixtures that should be installed and become part of a home’s plumbing system. They explained that in the event something needs to be fixed, the other parts of the home would still have water supply, lessening the hassle of the plumbing fix.

“A basic, but most important installation is including shut-off valves on hot and/or cold water lines and plumbing fixtures. Strategically placed shut-offs are nice features to have when working on plumbing fixtures, a washer or hot water heater.”

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Requirement in the Plumbing Code

Florida Based Home Inspectors Mac Garry and Madsen explains that shut off valves are required for most of the home plumbing fixtures. A/C And HVAC   

“So, in summary, shut off valves are required for all plumbing fixtures except showers and bathtubs, and they must be at the fixture unless a manifold system is used. Water-using appliances such as a dishwasher, food waste grinder, clothes washer or water heater, are in a separate category called ‘plumbing appliances,’ which are defined as an ‘energized appliance with plumbing connections.’ The Universal Plumbing Code (UPC) requires that a shutoff valve be installed on the supply line for each appliance and does not require that the valve be adjacent to the appliance.”

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The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission meanwhile shared comprehensive information on water and shut off valves. What to do, and how to locate these valves when needed. They also detailed how to open and shut-off the valves.

“Basements – the shut-off valve is typically located near the front foundation wall. The main water may have come through the concrete floor or through the wall. The valve is typically within 3-5 feet of where the main water enters. In some cases, the main water may enter in a different area, like a mechanical room, up through the floor, near the water heater or furnace.”

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Knowing how to deal with water valve shut offs is important in ensuring less hassle for the whole household during plumbing emergencies.

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