Trouble down the drain


How should a homeowner deal with a drainage problem? (Photo Credits)

Drainage problems at home can be very stressful. Even if the drain question is outside the home, the mere fact that it creates puddles, mud and wet spots in the yard or the garden, can be considered enough of a hassle. Plumbing Association of San Diego              

The DIY Network explained about drains and traps, saying that it is usually disregarded by homeowners until something goes wrong with it.

“Most people don’t realize how a home drainage system works; they assume that when they release water from the sink or flush a toilet, the water just goes away. Although this is partially true, a little more is involved in the process of removing waste water from the home. Each fixture has its own drain line; each of the drain lines ties into a larger main line, which takes the water out of the house.”

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Common Reasons for Drainage Problems

Home and Garden Television says one of the usual reasons why drains get blocked is the slope in the yard or the lawn area. “The majority of drainage problems are usually caused by an inadequate pitch or slope in your yard which prevents water runoff from being diverted away from the house. And the issue is often complicated by downspouts on the residence that do not pipe away the rain gutter water from the property. “

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Home improvement website The Family Handyman meantime shared alternative solutions to wet spots created by drainage problems. All the suggestions of course are doable with the help of a Licensed Plumbing Contractor. A/C And HVAC   

One of the suggestions that they have is installing a French Drain.

“A French drain is a versatile system for dealing with all kinds of drainage problems. It disperses water over a large area through a buried perforated pipe. The pipe must be surrounded by material that allows water to drain through. Conventionally this was gravel, but NDS sells a system called EZflow that includes the pipe and surrounding polystyrene aggregate in one convenient and lightweight package. A French drain system can be used alone or combined with a dry well.”

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When faced with drainage problems, it is important to commission the services of a licensed plumbing contractor who can efficiently help out with the problem.

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