Do-It-Yourself Space Heater

Day 190: Cutting up cans

Do you know how to make a DIY Heater in case of emergencies? (Photo Credits: Q Family, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

One will never know when a heating emergency will strike, hence having a know-how on how to temporarily keep warm could save a household from the perils of freezing. San diego, California Plumber Near Me has featured an easy way to make a do-it-yourself emergency heater. Air Conditioning San Diego, California. “It can be made using only three components: a simple roll of toilet paper, a soup can and 70% isopropyl alcohol. Once you’re done, this project is capable of heating a room, it’s great for cooking, it can be used during an emergency, and also for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or hunting.” Sink and Drain San Diego, CA

Watch the video here.

If you however are not in an emergency but just needs heat in a smaller space, or would like to warm up a bathroom that does not get completely warmed up by the central heater then you may want to try this. says this heater made of terra cotta pots will not only keep you warn, it could even lower your electricity bill. Rancho Bernardo Plumber Ace Contractors

City of El cajon Plumber. Read the whole story here.

If you want something more long-term, collated seven ways to heat up a space in your house using soda cans. Plumbing. “I’ve included what I feel are the best designs that merit a look and some interesting ideas that you could adapt for your own purposes.” Air conditioning A/C

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Whether the purpose is for emergency, lowering electricity bills, or just a simple random need, having the know-how on making an emergency heater is not a bad idea at all.