Emergency Plumbing

Ace Lakeside PlumberPlumbing Emergencies can take place anytime, and it is important for any household to have a stand-by emergency plumber that they can call on when plumbing issues arise.

Blue Diamond Plumbing can be tapped anytime, anywhere via our 24 hours a day, seven days a week hotline. Our Emergency Plumbing services are available anytime of the day, any day of the week, even weekends and holidays. Upon receiving your call, we will immediately dispatch one of our professional expert plumbers to your location, and he should arrive in your location within 60 minutes.

We have been serving the San Diego community for the longest time, and we are proud to say that we have encountered almost all types of plumbing emergencies, and our expert and well-trained plumbers have all been able to correct these issues.

Our team arrives at your location fully prepared for the task at hand, as we see to it that our Licensed Plumbers are fully equipped with the most modern plumbing tools, and that they have access to a wide array of plumbing supplies and materials that will guarantee A1 work and outcome.

Worry-Free Emergency Plumbing Services

We are fully licensed and insured too, so there is no risk at all in contracting our services. We also offer a service warranty so should anything go wrong with the emergency repair that we carried out, you can always call us up and we will gladly arrive in your location at once to rectify issues if need be.

So once you encounter a plumbing emergency such as a major water leak, a pipe burst, a drainage or sewer problem, or toilet back-up do not hesitate to call us up, we can even guide you on what you can do while waiting for our plumber to arrive to minimize the damages of the major plumbing emergency that you are currently encountering.

So call us up anytime, and save our hotline number in your phone for your emergency reference.

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