D-I-Y Air-conditioning Has Never Been Cooler

Day 41 | 12 May 2008

With the help of ice, DIY Air conditioners get the job done. (Photo Credits: Shereen M, cc: Some Rights Reserved)


Ace Plumbers of San Diego. Air Conditioning has become very indispensable in most households, especially in areas with very hot and humid weather. It brings comfort to the home and the family, as the heat makes everyone sweaty and uncomfortable. BDP Air conditioning Servicing San Diego

This need for air conditioning has prompted more creative and resourceful individuals to come up with their own versions of energy and cost efficient versions of air conditioners. BDP HVAC

Chula Vista Plumber Location. Take the case of this Do-It-Yourself Solar Powered Air Conditioning Unit featured over at instructables.com. “The ‘cool’ comes from an ice/water reservoir stored in a thermos. Copper tubing is used as a heat exchanger, a small water pump moves the ice water and a small fan distributes the cool air.”

Ace Plumber Carlsbad. CA. See the materials needed, and the full step-by-step guide here.
ebaumsworld.com meanwhile featured 15 hilarious DIY air conditioners. The improvised air conditioners range from ice blocks attached to electric fans, up to window-type air conditioners mounted on cars. They labelled the post: “People who will go to extreme lengths to be cool in the summertime.”

A/C And HVAC. See all the photos of the Funny DIY projects here.
Not everything though could end up funny. In Cambodia two men were killed after they try to repair air conditioners in a casino.

Fridgehub.com reported “The two men who worked for the CTS air conditioner repair company in Phnom Penh, had been called to the Pailin Flamingo Casino Hotel to fix a number of floor-standing air conditioners that had broken down when the explosion occurred. Both men suffered severe burns, resulting in one man dying at the scene and the other whilst on the way to a hospital in Thailand about an hour later.” OSHA Plumbers.

Read the whole article here.

When you feel so frustrated and uncomfortable due to the hot weather, you can always be creative and try ways to cool yourself. Always make sure though that safety will remain your priority in doing DIY work.