Homemade Bathroom Disinfectants

Bathroom work is all but done

Kill those germs the natural way. (Photo Credits)

The bathroom could just be one of the germiest place in any home, so it is but natural for homeowners to want to use disinfectants to ensure cleanliness of this part of the house.

Store-bought Disinfectants though can be pricey, and not to mention, can contain harmful chemicals that can endanger the health and the environment.

Homemaking Blog One Good Thing by Jillee, shared a good way to make natural disinfecting wipes for the bathroom. Plumbing Association of San Diego           

“Did you know that your bathroom sink is one of the most germ-ridden locations in your home? That’s because after the sink is used for things like washing hands and brushing teeth, which remove bacteria from the body, pathogens often stay put rather than rinsing down the drain. Plus the wet environment promotes germ growth. So it’s important to clean and disinfect this area often, in order to prevent the spread of germs around your home. Keeping disinfecting wipes in your bathroom makes it simple to wipe down the bathroom counter to clean up messes and disinfect regularly.”

Check out the recipe and the procedure here.

Non-toxic and Easy-to-make

A/C And HVAC Brendid.com also shared a great formula in making a chemical-free bathroom disinfectant.

“Making your own DIY natural bathroom disinfectant cleaner from inexpensive household ingredients can reduce your chemical exposure while keeping your house as clean as store-bought disinfectants. You can make your own disinfecting bathroom cleaner using three basic, inexpensive ingredients: water, vodka, and washing soda. You can use this cleaner for everything from scrubbing toilets and washing floors to removing soap scum from sinks and disinfecting countertops.”

Read the step-by-step instructions here.

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Brightnest.com for its part gave tips in disinfecting the bathroom. “We’re kicking this journey off with the sink for a reason – it probably has the highest bacteria count in your bathroom. It’s really gross. Think about it: How often do you touch your sink and faucet with dirty hands? Every time you go to the bathroom? We thought so. So grab your bathroom disinfectant and give your sink and faucets a thorough scrubbing.”

See the rest of the post here.

So what do you use to disinfect your bathroom?


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