Copper Pipes and Creativity

copper pipes

What you can do with Copper Pipes. (Photo Credits)

Copper pipes can be utilized not only for plumbing purposes but also for craft projects and artworks.

Squirelly Minds for instance compiled copper projects that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also useful around the house. A/C and HVAC

“I love the simplicity of this plant holder and the combination of a light wood with the copper. It has a definite Scandinavian feel.”
Check out the projects here.

Beyond Plumbing

The Snug meantime showed how to use copper pipes as clothes rails. Plumbing Association of San Diego

“The easy rack can really help with your seasonal closet purge as we move into fall, and turn an unused couple of feet into the perfect place to plan out your outfits for the week…so that you can sleep in a little later.”

Take a look at it here.

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Apart from clothing rails, copper pipes can also be used as a child’s study desk, as shared by the website A Beautiful Mess.
“Long live the copper pipe and all its many uses! I designed this child-sized copper pipe desk after being inspired by a vintage set of stairs that were probably taken out of an elementary school’s music department. I made some changes to help with stability and have already apologized to Ruby for deciding I need this desk to stay in my studio instead. Since copper is a softer metal, I only recommend this desk for younger kids that weigh under 60 lbs. But it is a beautiful option for adding a special piece of furniture to your child’s space (or your own)!”

Check out the photos here.

Would you consider making a copper pipe project?

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