Homemade Drain Cleaner

down the drain

Make your own drain cleanser. (Photo Credits)

Regularly cleaning the drain and making sure that food bits and grease do not get to it, is one great way of making it work efficiently all the time.

A reliable drain cleaner can greatly help, and the good news is, one does not have to shell out dollars upon dollars for it as an effective one can be made with ingredients that might already be at home!

Living on A Dime shared a two-ingredient recipe for a homemade drain cleaner. Plumbing Association of San Diego  

“Don’t throw away baking soda you used to freshen up your fridge. Use it as a cleaning scrub or pour down your drain to clear clogs.”

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Make it at home

DIY Hangout also shared yet another drain cleaner recipe that is as effective as store-bought ones. A/C and HVAC    

“Are you looking to cut your household cleaner budget in half, while at the same time reliving your elementary school science experiment days? If that’s the case, consider this article on natural homemade drain cleaners to be a one way ticket to filling your entire afternoon with a little good, clean fun. Unlike expensive, corrosive drain uncloggers, this article teaches you and your family how to make a an affordable drain cleaner than won’t tarnish your clothes in the process. Whether you’re looking to clean your home, save a few bucks, or simply teach your children the value of being frugal, look no further than this handy dandy article; you’ll be glad you did.”

Check out the recipe here.

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Bob Vila meantime gave a recipe, plus some instructions on helping unclog drains.

“When your sink or shower drain gets clogged, it’s pretty easy to figure out the cause. The perp is usually a disgusting mixture of hair and soap scum that’s built up over time. The quick fix often involves shelling out cash for a caustic, potentially toxic drain cleaner, but even that provides—at best—only temporary relief. It doesn’t have to be this way! The next time you’re stuck with a clog, don’t race out to the hardware store. Instead, scour your kitchen cabinets for a few basic materials and mix up your own cheaper, chemical-free concoction that’s guaranteed to break up even the worst drain buildup.”

Read the post here.

What drain cleaner do you use?

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