New Home Heating Solution is equally stylish and environment-friendly

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Environment-Friendly and Cost Efficient Heating System will be very helpful to any household. (Photo Credits)

Home heating reached new heights in terms of aesthetics and eco-friendliness, as SoITechSystem unveiled their glass solar roof tiles that heats the home and at the same time lends a clean look to it. Plumber Wiki

Website shared that this efficient and stylish roofing system will help cut down a household’s heating bill drastically. “People choosing to resort to more eco-friendly alternatives have pushed innovation to a more accessible standard. Solar heating for example can be both efficient and stylish with these Glass Roof Tiles. Made by SolTech System, this combination of technology with ecology brings all home owners a definite advantage and makes them choose environmental-friendly materials often. The important thing to know about this particular type of roof tile is that it doesn’t need bright sunshine in order to function at high parameters.”

Take a look at how the glass roof tiles work here.

Great Style, Eco-Friendly

According to website the glass tiles are made of ordinary glass, and that it weighs just the same. More importantly, it is made of clean energy. “The tiles are installed on top of a black nylon canvas, under which air slots are mounted. The black colour absorbs heat from the sun and the air starts to circulate. The hot air is then used to heat up water, which is connected to the house’s heating system via an accumulator. The beauty of the system is that it cuts energy costs throughout the year, during dark winter days as well as night time, due to its capacity to store heat in the isolating layers of air under the canvas.”

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Free and alternative energy sources like solar energy is very critical especially for those who may not be able to afford high heating bills.
In Kansas City, Missouri for instance, a Cancer-Stricken man allowed himself to shiver during the winter because he could not afford to pay his heating bills. Media outfit KMBC reported in its website, that the man’s heating bill has piled up that he could no longer pay for it.

“His neighbor Roy has set up an extension cord to Brown’s home to power some space heaters. Brown said his desperation has grown as the temperatures drop. Since Brown’s home has no power, the thermostat doesn’t work. It’s hard to say what the exact temperature is, but KMBC 9’s Brian Johnson said it felt almost as cold inside as it is outside.”

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So how do you try to bring down you heating costs?