Drink Cleaner, Healthier Water Now


Water Filter is a must in most areas. Photo Credits

Drinking water is essential in a person’s daily survival. In fact, a person needs to drink eight glasses of water a day in order to stay healthy and function at optimal levels. Plumbing

It is important though that the water the person is drinking is clean and absolutely potable. And this is why mineral and filtered water has been a must in most homes.

But not all filters are created equal, so to speak. Website, Natural News for instance shared the results of their road test of about a dozen water filters in the market.Plumbing Association

“They reveal that most water filters don’t remove most heavy metals. Most filters failed miserably in this test, leaving the drinking water heavily contaminated with toxic heavy metals (if it was heavily contaminated to begin with, of course). One very popular water filter sold at Wal-Mart only removed about 15% of the lead in contaminated water, leaving 85% of the lead in the “filtered” water for drinking. (That same filter also failed to remove around 25% of the mercury in the water!)”

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There is a solution

Water Liberty Research Center agrees that there are a lot of contaminants in today’s water supply. But the website’s author insists that the best way to remove these dangerous stuff in the water is through a process that you can do at home. “Just a tiny bit of this powerful yet natural, mineral-based agent allows you to harness the same power of pristine, hot healing mineral springs, which have been used around the world for thousands of years — right in the comfort of your own home!”

Watch the Webinar here.

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But if push comes to shove and you need a water filtration system in a jiffy. Truthandaction.org shared a video of a do-it-yourself water filtration using common household items, which you can then use either as a back-up or during emergencies. “This DIY water filter is conveniently small so having a couple for backup is still quite easy to bring along. Always follow traditional safety standards when handling or drinking water that might contain harmful bacteria or other pathogens. Be mindful of cross contamination, expiration dates on purification chemicals, and always utilize the cleanest water available. Boil any questionable water.”

Watch the video here.

So how do you keep your water clean?