As winter months are fast approaching (for some it came early!), there are a lot of things that we think about and need to prepare for. Plumbing Services of San Diego. There are the fun and exciting holidays, celebrations with families and friends, from winter fashion to ski trips, and we’re not just talking about those winter activities here but also the basic things we need to do and have during the cold months. Let’s go back to basic: water heaters. 24 Hour Plumber Chula Vista

Water heaters are a necessity of every household not just during winter but also on ordinary days when you don’t feel like taking a cold shower (who does?). Carlsbad Plumbing and Drain

Although water heaters are beneficial, there are times when it can cause dangers and accidents. BDP Office Oceanside Plumber

Just this month of November, several accidents have already happened due to water heaters exploding, some even caused house fire.

A 23-year old man from South Haven, Michigan suffered from severe burns after a water heater exploded. He was trying to light the pilot light on the water heater when it exploded. Ramona Plumber and Drain Cleaning

Another man from Haines City in Florida, 67 years of age, suffered burns after his water heater exploded which also caused his house to burn down in fire.

What causes water heaters to explode?

Plumbing Info. Any house appliance, if not installed correctly, may cause dangers. That is why being knowledgeable on how to use something, by reading the manual is essential to prevent these types of emergencies at home.

There are actually two ways a water heater can explode: though gas leak and water pressure.

We all know that leaking gas is very dangerous, with just a small ignition flame, it can cause explosion. Central Heating. As for the water pressure, normally there is a safety valve on water heaters which releases the built-up pressure while the water is being heated. If this safety valve fails to work, the pressure inside the tank will give away causing explosion.

How do we prevent this from happening?

Even a small explosion at home doesn’t just cause damage at home but can also be too costly.

So in order to prevent dangers from happening we need to make sure that factors such as ventilation to the area where we put the water heater is taken into consideration.

Here are the tips and other information we need to know and follow:

Did you know?

  • Hot water heaters should be properly sized for your house.
  • Extra thick insulation helps prevent radiant heat loss and saves energy and money.
  • Water temperatures above 120° F can cause scalding especially on young children.
  • Sediment build-up can cause premature tank failure, electric element failure, and excess costs on fuel bill
  • Hot water heaters require yearly maintenance to ensure proper operation.


  • Set hot water heater temperature below 120° F.
  • Flush hot water heater through drain valve at least once a year to remove sediment build-up.
  • Test safety relief valve once a year to ensure proper operation (this device protects the heater from over-pressurizing and from exceeding 210° F.)
  • Keep area around hot water heater, clean and free of combustible and flammable material.
  • When leaving for vacation, set hot water heater temperature at its lowest setting.  This will save money and reduce the risk of any problems while you are away.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for recommended maintenance schedule.


  • Set hot water heater temperature above 120° F.
  • Keep combustible material or flammable material or flammable material within 18″ of the hot water heater.
  • Never leave children unattended around a hot water heater.

source: Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, Maryland

It is always best to keep a regular maintenance by consulting a professional plumber to do the job for you and make sure your water heater’s safety mechanisms are working properly.

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