Why Should you Regularly Clean Your Shower head?

Clogged showerhead (again)

Just Plain Gross. A clogged and moldy shower head is more than just an annoyance to the homeowner. It can cause sickness too to the whole household. (Photo Credits: Richard Lewis cc: Some Rights Reserved)

People take a shower to get themselves cleaned, but not all shower heads can get the job done. Some shower heads get clogged and grimy, endangering the whole household. San Diego, CA Plumbing

But what really are the risks of not regularly cleaning your bathroom’s shower head?

Chula Vista Commercial Plumbing. In this video Inside Edition explained, molds can grow in shower heads.

The dangers of molds are endless. It could cause sickness to everyone in the family. And if one of the household members is fond of gargling while in the shower, then the risks get all the more higher. residential Plumbing Encinitas

Actual ways to Clean a Shower Head

Commercial Plumbing El Cajon. But how do you clean a shower head? nymelrosefamily.com enumerated here, the steps you can take, and the items you will need to do the job. Nothing too expensive, and too complicated. In fact most of the items mentioned can already be found in the house. “We’ve lived in our house for eight years now and I have never cleaned the shower head before. Can you tell? Those hard water stains just gross me out when I look at them.” Rancho Bernardo Plumber 24 hours

Here’s also another instructional video on how to clean a shower head, this time using apple cider vinegar. Plumber Wiki. Applecidervinegar.co explains this process is a “very safe and cheap way to clean the mineral deposits off a shower head.”

Cleaning a shower head does not need to be complicated. HVAC Info. It can be done, at it can be done quick. A regularly schedule of cleaning shower heads can not just only prevent clogs, it can also prevent diseases within the household.