Check Your Sump Pumps Regularly to Avoid Flooding in your basement

Sump pump

Make sure that you regularly check on your sump pump. (Photo Credits)

Sump pumps, although it does not get much attention, continues to be a vital machine in the home. Without it basements will get flooded and trouble will surely ensue because flooding brings about a whole new wave of problems such as damaged flooring, malfunctioning appliances, property destruction, and even molds.

But sometimes sump pumps fail. To this though website Lifehacker.Com has a solution to prevent flooding in your home. “Basically it uses a sonar rangefinder to monitor the depth of the water below his basement, and a Raspberry Pi to hook the system up to his home network and send out alerts. He set the system to alert him if the water level got within 20cm of his basement floor, which would indicate the pump was failing. This won’t fix the problem or restart the pump, but if he was on vacation it would at least give him time to ask a neighbor or repair man for help remotely.”

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Flooding can occur if Sump Pumps are left unchecked

Media outfit 9News has featured in their website a report on how to prevent home flooding by simply checking on your home’s sump pump.

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And while you are checking your pump, why not make it unnoticeable to the eyes of your guest, family, and prying kids’ hands?

The website SAHM Reviews came up with a guide on how to go about a Do-It-Yourself Sump Pump Enclosure to make sure their kids will not get scared about the black hole that is the sump pump in their basement. “I couldn’t picture the use of a table so low but the girls were little and he always thinks things through so I knew he had a plan. When he said it would be permanent, with a trap door and covered completely in some kind of parquet flooring, I realized he was describing a stage. Two girls? A stage? Brilliant.”

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So do you regularly check on your sump pump?