Unclogging Your Drains the Natural Way

Non-Toxic Drain Cleaning

Try unclogging your drains without using harmful chemicals. (Photo Credits: chiotsrun, cc: Creative Commons)

Having a clogged drain in very frustrating especially in the kitchen. It affects mealtimes, cooking time, and it mostly affects clean-up time.

There are many ways to clear a clogged drain and some households may even have these solutions under their sink. Most of these solutions though are chemicals, which of course can definitely do the job, but could harm the pipes, the plumbing system, and yes, even the environment. Ace Contractors San Diego

A good alternative is to employ chemical-free solutions to unclog stubborn drains. AceAir Conditioning Central Unit. Here are three natural ways to de-clog your drainage:

1. Try the Baking Soda Drain Cleaner. BDP Drain Cleaners of San Diego. The author of Berkshireeagle.com explains all-natural is better than chemical-based de-cloggers because it does not produce toxic chemicals that are dangerous to adults and kids alike. “I’ve been using this method for years and, since I’ve started living in apartments in college, have only bought one bottle of a commercial drain cleaner. For tough jobs, it may take two or three cycles. AceAir conditioning Spring Valley. But you’ll thank yourself when your house doesn’t smell like toxic fumes.” Read the procedure here.

2. Use an Enzyme Drain and Garbage Disposal Maintenance. Care2.com explains this is a great alternative to wash down all that filth clogging your home drainage system. “Using enzyme drain cleaners once a month, such as Bi-O-Kleen’s Bacout, will help not just your drains, but your septic system.” Read more about this procedure here.

3. Baking Soda and Lemon Acid Solution.AceAir conditioning Lakeside.  Healthylifetricks.com explains, although this solution may not work on the first try, the succeeding times that the method is employed will surely work. Plumbing Info. “This mixture will dissolve tiny bits of food, grease, hair, cleaned of other impurities and bacteria, which will prevent the spread of odors. After about ten minutes let the hot water to rinse the drain.OSHA Plumbers. If you failed on the first attempt, repeat the procedure once again.” Get the whole procedure here.

But as they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” You have to make sure that you do not dump grease, oil, tiny food particles, and other items in the drain so that it will not get clogged. Regularly maintain your drainage system by scheduling a monthly cleanse using any of the above natural clogging remedies.