There is more to your city’s sewerage system

Garrison Creek Sewer

Unique stories on City Sewer Systems. Photo Credits.

Sewers are very important in our everyday life, yet most would rather not discuss about it because of the nature of its function.
But imagine a city without a proper sewerage system? Diamond Ace Contractors. Or a city whose sewers is about to give up from all the clogs? Wouldn’t you have second thoughts of living in that city no matter how beautiful it may be? AceAir conditioning Servicing

Sewer problem, particularly which which was caused by baby wipes is a concern shared by two of the world’s top cities: New York and London. BDP Drain Cleaning Service San Diego

Website reported that baby wipes are threatening to destroy the sewerage system of the City that Never Sleeps. “Employees must rake through all those wet wipes in order to clear them from the clogged system. AceAir conditioning Spring Valley.  ”Often, the wipes combine with other materials, like congealed grease, to create a sort of superknot,” says the NYT. And it’s not just NYC. Cities all over the country are struggling. In London, a giant 15 ton ball of wipes and grease that clogged the sewers was named “the fatberg.” The problems have sent shock waves through local government, consumer product regulatory bodies, and the corporations who claim their wipes are flushable—the very tests that certify the wipes as such are being questioned.” AcePlumber Chula Vista CA

Read the rest of the story here. meantime featured a photo in their website, containing items that can be unearthed in sewers.” These are things that water cleaning finds from sewers.” Plumbing Info

Take a look at the picture here.

The situation in Bucharest in Romania however is entirely different. Central Heating. Website showed photos of Romanians living in the sewers, unmindful of the dangers lurking behind them. “The capitol of Romania, Bucharest was once known as the “Paris of the east”. It is a city full of history, beautiful architecture and culture that many tourists travel to for the cultural experience of a lifetime. This beautiful, ornate, historic city has a secret hiding underground. A place that no tourists visit. A place where the destitute and poor call home. Beneath the ancient mansions and parks lies an underground kingdom full of drug addicts. Each citizen of this underground city is HIV positive and many are addicted to drugs.”

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So what is your city’s unique story about sewers?