The Kitchen Sink Has Gone a Long Way

Awesome sink design

Just one of a few examples of an awesome kitchen sink design. Photo Credits

The kitchen sink is slowly becoming the center of attraction in most ultra-modern kitchens. Sleek, and unique, out-of-the box designs grab the attention of any visitor, and could even make the designated dishwasher love what he otherwise would hate doing – washing dishes.
From those plated with chrome, to those with built-in chopping boards, the kitchen sink of today has definitely gone a long way. DiamondAcePlumber

Website featured 16 kitchen sink designs that will truly amaze the old school square kitchen sink owner. “So, in this collection of pictures you will see sinks that are designed in various shapes, such as the shape of a martini glass, or a guitar, or even a sink that looks like a river. Greater SAn Diego Air Conditioning. Functionality is also very important, so you will find sinks with cutting boards, sinks that also work as dishwashers etc. Choosing a unique sink will certainly brighten up your kitchen, and make the process of cooking or washing the dishes easier and more fun.“

AceAir Conditioning Poway. Take a look at the photos of the sinks here.

Website meantime shared its photo collection of modern kitchen sinks. The sinks that were featured ranged from industrial, functional, quaint, vintage, classic, and ultra-modern.AcePlumber Carlsbad

Check out the photos here.

Now if you suddenly want to remodel your kitchen sink after reading through this article, then here is something that may just push you further into giving your kitchen sink the attention that it needs. AcePlumber Oceanside

Website, featured this adorable video of little ducklings who were rescued and were temporarily allowed to swim in the rescuer’s kitchen sink. Plumbing Info. “Ducklings swimming in a sink may just be the best thing I’ve seen to date! Watch as they get comfortable and then go duckling crazy! These rescued babies aren’t able to go outside yet so this is the next best thing. I think these guys swimming around in the sink are way better to look at than a bunch of dirty dishes”

OSHA Plumbers. Watch the video here.

So what is your dream kitchen sink?