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These are the things that you really need to know before you hire your next pluimber

Before you hire a plumber to come and service your home or repair a plumbing issue that you have you should make sure that they are a fully licensed and certified plumber. Plumbers are required by the state to pass a certification exam in order to be allowed to work on residential and commercial properties. If you hire a unlicensed plumber to repair your home, you could be putting your home at risk. Unlicensed plumbers may not understand or know the most current building protocols and also may not know how to properly repair a plumbing issue. If an unlicensed plumber repairs one of your major plumbing lines and does it incorrectly you could be left with a large and hefty bill later on down the road when the repair begins to break apart. This could result in a flooded home and major water damage, damage that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. So remember, always check if your plumber is a certified plumber that is licensed.

The Next most important thing before hiring a plumbing company

The next most important thing that you want to check before hiring a plumber is if they carry insurance and are bonded. You should only hire a plumber escondido that is insured and bonded to work on your home. Why you ask? Plumbing companies that carry insurance, do so to protect their customers from unintentional damage that may result from a repair that they perform. If a plumber works on the piping in your home, and by some freak accident he forgets to tighten the correct bolts and your home ends up flooded then the insurance carried by the plumber will be liable and will cover the damages associated. If you hire a plumber that does not carry insurance, and your home gets flooded or water damaged due to incorrect repairs then you could technically sue the plumber for the damages, but if the plumber doesn’t have enough money to cover all your damages then you will be left holding the bill. You always only want to use plumbers who have insurance and are bonded. Ask to see their insurance paperwork if necessary, you always want to make sure that you are covered in case of a disaster.

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