Animals that Get Caught in the Pipes

Council Drain ... 23 May 2011

Yes many animals get caught in between pipes and drainage systems. (Photo Credits)

Getting trapped in a drainage pipe is a very reasonable fear to have. It can be dirty, it can be fatal.

Animals in fact, usually fall victim to getting stuck in drainage pipes.

Take the case of these manatees in Florida as shared by

After hours of labor, local authorities and animal rescue teams rescued 19 manatees who swam into a Florida town’s storm drain and got stuck Monday. Bay News 9 reported that rescuers had to cut the drain pipe in order to free the last of the giant marine mammals. Florida Today reported that some of the animals had scrapes and bruises after coming into contact with the drainage infrastructure, but there were no reports that any more serious injuries occurred. Officials with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said that they believed the manatees swam into the drain from the Indian River Lagoon in search of fresh, warm water.”

Check out the photos here

Cuteness stuck on a pipe

OSHA Plumbers These puppy featured over at the website Independent Journal Review meantime fell in a drainage ditch. “This video…shows a Rottweiler pup stranded on a tiny island of dry refuse in a drainage canal. Luckily for it, some good guys drove into the canal in a Jeep to go grab it and take it to shelter. That’s the kind of compassionate act that makes everyone feel good. Hopefully, the guys take the pup in and give it a loving home for good.”

Watch the video here.

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Kittens are also prone to falling into drainage ditches. In this story shared by LoveMeow.Com, three young boys rescued three little kittens in a drainage pipe near their home. Plumbing Info

“Three young boys from Cape Coral, Florida saved three tiny kittens from a drainage pipe last Tuesday and have been caring for the fur babies since. Racha Leasure’s two boys and their friend found the kittens soaking wet in the drainage pipe after Tuesday’s rain storms.”

Check out the photos here.

What have you found on your drainage pipes?

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