How to give your home or office an additional storage using old pipes.


Yes, you can upcycle old pipes too. (Photo Credits: BChristensen93, cc: Some Rights Reserved)
Re-piping the home surely has a lot of benefits for the homeowner. One advantage though that is not explored is the upcycling of used pipes.
Plumber near me san diego. For instance, has gathered a tutorial of how to use upcycled pipes as industrial-looking clothes keeper, and shelves. BDP A.C Servicing and Repair San Diego. “Repurposed piping can be an ideal material for creating your own furniture and lighting fixtures, and it instantly gives an interior an industrial steampunk feel. The way in which pipes logically fit together to form joints, along with the baseplates that can be simply fixed to a wall, make piping a surprisingly easy medium to work with for forming the structures of furniture pieces.” BDP HVAC

Read about the upcycling ideas here. San Marcos Plumber Services

Ace Plumber Encinitas, CA. shows as well home décor and functional pieces that can be made using old pipes. “The quirky cool assortment features various pipe shelves and chandelier with built in lighting, all with that industrial, honest grit…Let this great hack inspire some pipe hacks of your own!” Air Conditioning

See her upcycled creations here.

Old PVC pipes can also be made into shoe organizers. HVAC Info. listed her creative do-it-yourself ideas in her post about using old pies as organizational tools for the home. See the whole idea and instructional demo here.
So the next time you would re-pipe, or see old pipes lying around, think if you need shelving space and make use of the above-mentioned creative ideas.