The benefits of having a routine HVAC preventive inspections

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Why regular HVAC maintenance is a must. (Photo Credits)

Having routine HVAC maintenance is important in ensuring the optimum performance of a home or commercial property’s HVAC System.

One Hour Air Carolinas underscored the value of having routine HVAC inspections. Plumbing Association of San Diego

“The maintenance is a preventative measure and does not mean that your unit will never break down or have problems, but at least you are catching the things that will cause bigger things down the road. Your HVAC unit takes up half the energy that your home uses so keeping it maintained and efficient is critical to make sure that you are not wasting money and to make sure that it is running properly.”

Environment and Pocket-Friendly Ways to Heat-up your Home.

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Regular Maintenance is a Must

Air Care home Solutions also underscored the importance of having unpolluted air indoors, saying regular HVAC maintenance schedule will ensure healthy breathing air inside the home. A/C and HVAC  

Asking a professional to check your system will increase the life of the system, improve energy efficiency, reduce pollutants, and save money. A dirty furnace filter can restrict airflow and increase energy use in your home. Keeping your furnace clean, lubricated, and properly adjusted can save about 5 percent on heating costs. To increase the efficiency of your furnace, replace or clean filters once a month during operating seasons.”

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Fox40 meantime shared some maintenance tips and know-how. Controlling the Thermostat

Learn more about: How to use programmable thermostat to help you save money; how to change filters, clearing debris from your unit; what to do routinely throughout the year to maintain you’re A/C unit.”

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When was the last time you requested for a preventive maintenance schedule?

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