The disadvantages of using Space Heaters

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What you should know about space heaters. (Photo Credits)

Space heaters may be extremely inviting especially during the really cold winter months. But it brings with it dangers fire officials usually warn about.

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12 News reported on how space heaters can cause fires in homes. Plumbing Association of San Diego

“Space heaters are to blame for one out of three home-heating fires and more than 80 percent of the related deaths. Consumer Reports just tested almost 40 space heaters and says that if you have an older heater, consider replacing it because the new ones are much safer. One Consumer Reports safety test simulates what would happen if fabric, like a curtain, comes into contact with a space heater. With some, there’s a little scorching. But in the latest tests, none of the fabric caught fire.”

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Safe use of space heaters

Black Hole News shared ways to safely use space heaters. A/C And HVAC

“Archer said winter fireplace and heating safety education and safer heaters have helped reduce space heater fires.”

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KSHB meantime offered tips to stay safe while using space heaters.

“Safety tips for space heaters from Overland Park firefighters: Give them at least a three-foot clearance from anything flammable; It is also safer to plug a space heater in directly to the outlet; don’t use an extension cord because space heaters use too much energy.”

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Do you have a space heater at home?

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