Make Your Own Space Heater

Staying warm with an oven or stove

Are space heaters out of your budget? Make one of your own, and use with caution. (Photo Credits)

Space haters are really useful during the winter seasn, but not everyone can afford one. Fr those trying to live off-the-grid it is also important o be armed with information on how to make one from scratch.

Safety in using Air Conditioners

Hacks of Life shared a video tutorial on how to make a DIY Space heater using flower pots. Plumbing Association of San Diego  

“Here’s a brilliant DIY, a space heater using a flower pot and some hardware! I have personally made one of these myself, it works awesome and it’s so easy to make!”

Watch the video clip here.

Upcycle and create

Practical Survivalist meantime shared a video on how to make a space heater that can be used in the garage, home, or cabin.  A/C And HVAC 

Controlling the Thermostat

This video series shows you how to build a Homemade Sawdust Rocket Stove Space Heater for your home ,cabin or a garage using an old 55 gallon Oil drum and sawdust.This is a Indoor Super High Efficiency Fine material Stove.The Full Heat burn time for this stove is about 10 hours.Cool down with usable heat 3-5hours. So a total 13-15 hours of usable HEAT.It will burn anything: wood pellets, leaves, dried plant matter, larger pieces of wood, cutoffs, whole logs or waste oil soaked into sawdust and it burns just as well.”

Watch the tutorial here.


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Fun Craft DIY meantime shared step-by-step instructions in making a cost-efficient homemade space heater.

After a long stretch of spring like weather, last night we had 16 degrees. And while I LOVE the fresh, crisp air, I also like to stay warm and cozy. I learned about this method a few years ago, but Ben made a few modifications that make it better not only in efficiency, but also beautiful to look at.”

Check it out here.

Have you tried making a DIY Space heater?

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