HVAC and Indoor Air Quality

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HVAC can greatly help in improving indoor air quality. (Photo Credits)

Indoor Air Quality is greatly affected by a home or commercial structure’s HVAC System. In reality, HVAC or Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning does more than the usual thermal comfort control in a building, it can affect the quality of indoor air – greatly affecting how the air smells as well as the particles and pollutants being carried by it.

Gleassociates shared the correlation of HVAC and indoor air quality. Plumbing Association of San Diego 

“Obviously, the source of your system’s air intake affects its overall performance, and should always be investigated first when there’s an air quality problem. Mysterious odor problems can sometimes be caused by an unfortunate intake placement, such as proximity to a janitorial closet, where wet mops and cleaning agents are stored, causing chemical and/or moldy odors. Poor placement can be especially problematic in multi-use buildings. We had a client whose call center was suffering from poor air quality and mysterious odors. On investigation, we discovered that the call center’s HVAC intake was pulling air from a small engine repair shop in a different part of the building, and depositing exhaust-laden fumes into their office environment.”

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HVAC and Humidity

Scott Lee Heating meantime said HVAC also plays a huge role in controlling the humidity of an indoor space, hence affecting indoor air quality. A/C And HVAC

“Poor air quality can often be attributed to humid conditions and can affect the employees of an organization with a wide range of illnesses and symptoms. Humidity can also have adverse effects on a building and its contents. Cold climate, electrical appliances that generate heat, or poor design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems give rise to low humidity conditions.”

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Distribution Center Mag likewise gave more information on HVAC and Indoor Air Quality

“Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) not only impacts the health of your customers, but with the right improvements made to HVAC systems, can also reduce their energy costs. Both the health and coat benefits are highly marketable to your clients.”

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HVAC then is a hug component in ensuring good health and a more sanitary and comfortable indoor space.

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