When water pressure is too high


Excessive water pressure can be counterproductive and expensive in terms of utility bills. (Photo Credits) 

Too much water pressure can be an annoyance in any household. Apart from being a hassle it could also increase water usage. It is important that this matter be addressed as quickly as possible to lessen the hassle it brings. A/C And HVAC 

The website DIY Plumbing Advice explained the reason for high water pressure.

“The most common source of excessive water pressure is the municipal water supplier. The water company sets the pressure to meet their own needs, such as delivering water to fire hydrants, high elevation buildings (or tall ones), and other reasons. This water pressure is often well over 100 psi, and too often over 150 psi. However, the maximum recommended pressure for a residence is 80 psi.”

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Water Pressure Level

Service Ratings Website Angie’s List also came up with its own explanation n the consequences of high water pressure, and what can be done about it. Plumbing Association of San Diego  

“If you have consistent water pressure in your home that exceeds 80 psi, you should have a water pressure regulator installed on a water line coming into the home. Some people call this a pressure regulating valve, or PRV. If your home was built after 2002, a PRV may already be installed, since that was the year it became required on all new homes. However, a typical PRV’s lifespan is about 7 to 12 years. Usually this valve is located near your shut-off valve.”

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SF Gate also came up with a tutorial guide on how to reduce water pressure level.

“Locate an outdoor or laundry faucet with a threaded spout and screw on a water pressure meter. You can buy the meter at a hardware store or rent one from a rental outlet. Turn on the water, note the pressure and leave the water turned on. If there’s already a meter installed on the water line after the pressure-reducing valve, you can skip this step.”

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Excessive water pressure can damage plumbing fixtures at home. The safest way to address this is by calling a plumbing contractor.


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